SEO Workshop

Delivering customised SEO Workshops providing learning opportunities tailored for individuals or teams. 

Delivered either in person or over video link on a range of strategic and technical SEO related topics. 

What’s the best way to do SEO? It depends…!

Peter Mead – SEO Consultant

During many years of successful consulting, some common themes emerged. A lot of similar kinds of gaps became obvious, and as such the need for a more scalable approach of sharing the knowledge, experience and best practices was needed. 

The development of the SEO Workshop as a way to work more closely with individuals and teams and drill into areas which may need more understanding, became a successful way to approach the topics of focus. 

Working specifically on a focus area and increasing understanding of that topic, has in my experience, been a very empowering way to help increase the level of SEO success outcomes. 

Good SEO achievements can sometimes be a daunting prospect, with a variety of approaches to achieve a desired result. 

Tailoring the workshops to fit your desired topics, is a customised approach to knowledge acquisition. 

Discussion during workshops, can reveal specific issues, or difficulties, which could be hampering your SEO efforts. 

Analysis of those specific pain points can reveal a clearer way forward which both yields success, and is unique to your specific SEO strategies.  

This process is captured by having a video recording of the workshop activities, and copies of the workshop materials, for easy reference of the resolutions and outcomes arrived at during the workshop.

About Peter Mead

Peter Mead is director and Senior SEO Consultant at SEO Workshop, and a highly experienced award-winning senior SEO consultant. Over the years Peter has developed a heavy focus on technical SEO and content marketing. Well equipped with a large variety of advanced technical SEO skills.

Peter has been involved in the SEO community for many years and has become known to some as The Godfather, or Grandfather.

Peter was awarded a Special Recognition Award by SEMrush in 2019 at the annual Search Marketing Awards held at the Sydney Opera House. 

Peter is well known as a speaker and presenter for several groups, conferences and events. He is very active in the SEO community including being a co-organiser of the Melbourne SEO Meetup and a host on the SEMrush ASMA webinar series.

Having many years experience in digital since 1997, and before Google began, Peter thrives on challenges and some of his key areas include:

  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Digital Marketing and Strategy
  • Advanced Technical SEO and Analysis
  • Organic and Paid Traffic Generation Techniques
  • Workshops and training

Peter is appreciated for his analytical and strategic experience combined with his strong work ethic and friendly demeanour. Peter is endeavouring toward a genuine, authentic, quality contribution to clients and the broader SEO industry.

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